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Not only can you sign up to buy renewable energy in the form of wind and solar power, you can also install solar systems at work and home. Solar systems are wonderful sources of electricity and hot water generation. Each 2.5 kWh solar system (typical home size) eliminates 3.5 tons or 7,000 pounds of CO2 per year, and each residential solar hot water system eliminates 1,800 pounds CO2 per year. Cash incentives for customer-owned solar energy systems are available from Focus on Energy.

To determine which types of solar systems make sense for your business or home, contact Focus on Energy for a site assessment. If your business is in hospitality, health and fitness, healthcare or in fighting fires, be sure to look into solar hot water.

A new way Madison can meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar is through the City of Madison’s new program, MadiSUN. The City of Madison was recently awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy through the Solar America Cities Program. MadiSUN’s goal is to double to number of solar electric and hot water solar installations in the city. The City of Madison, along with Focus on Energy and UW Extension will be working on this project for the next two years. A major component of the grant is to provide the community with a consultant who can help interested residents and businesses install a solar system. The free consultant is on board to provide technical expertise and to answer questions regarding design, permitting and rebate programs.

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