Madison can count on you to

buy renewable energy

Madison can count on you to buy renewable energy

When it comes to steps you can take to protect our environment, buying renewable energy is probably the easiest and most effective. Our community energy company, MGE, offers customers the choice to purchase renewable energy through the Green Power Tomorrow program. For about $7.00 more per month, just 1.25 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), you can buy enough green power for your home to offset 100% of your electricity-generated carbon dioxide emissions. For a small business, it's about $16.25 more per month.
The Madison area made Green Power Tomorrow one of the top green pricing programs in the U.S., so successful that MGE doubled the amount of green power available.

Thank you, MGE customers, for saving more than 170,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other air emissions!

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