City, Community Surpasses Goal of Reducing Carbon Emissions by 100,000 Tons

Individuals and businesses can take the Mpower pledge, and join a community commitment to reduce citywide emissions of carbon dioxide.

Yes it’s official, we met our goal, and reduced our carbon emissions by over 100,000 tons by 2011.

Four years ago, The City of Madison set out a challenge:  reduce Madison's carbon footprint by 100,000 tons by April, 2011. Well, in January 2011 the Mpower Partners ran the numbers and we more than tripled that goal!

Actually, we probably did even better. We measured a decrease of about 128,000 tons of carbon dioxide through the purchase of green power (mostly wind energy) by the City of Madison, its residents and businesses. The majority of green power purchases have been from residents, like yourself. Thank you for pushing our community to do better.

Savings through conservation weren't counted in that number
. Our impact is even bigger.

Plus, the UW took up the challenge as well and reduced its cumulative carbon dioxide emissions by 183,000 tons since 2007. And in addition to businesses that purchased green power, the 2009 & 2010 MPower ChaMpion Businesses also accounted for a reduction of about 13,000 tons.

All in all, that's a reduction of about 324,000 tons. Read the Press release on this community wide accomplishment.

Building on that success, we have a BIGGER goal, to achieve an 80% carbon reduction by 2050. Details are in the new Madison Sustainability Plan  that will go to the Madison City Council for approval early 2012. 

You are Mpowered at home, at work, at school and on the go to make our community a remarkably healthy place to live, work and play today, and for generations to come. You can. You count.

Sustain Dane, a Partner, administers the campaign, and created the Mpower ChaMpion  Business Program in 2009 to support businesses in turning their pledge into results.

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